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Jason Alder was a guest in the Thunderdome with host Adam Sinclair and co-host Mykkal Mulalley for the third time in the past 18 months.  Episode 62 of the program was the final broadcast of 2015 and their yearend bash!


Jason Alder was one of the final guests of the year on this special program. It was his third appearance on the show in the last 18 months. He was also a guest in episode 8 and episode 23.  Today, Jason discussed his 2015 racing season highlighting some of his accomplishments and favorite memories which included winning the WKA Gold Cup Series National Championship in Barnsville, GA, racing at Bowman Gray Stadium and at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


Jason also shared his thoughts on the 2016 Search for a Champion contest and what it meant to him to have been a finalist in last year’s contest.  Jason said, “I am totally honored to be on Team Champion and thankful for the exposure this has given me.  I love Federal-Mogul products and there is no question that Champion spark plugs have helped me win my two National Championships.”


Adam also asked Jason his thoughts regarding the new robotic racing series debuting in the FIA Formula E Series next season.  Jason offered his thoughts on the subject.  “It seems to me that this sport is more of an engineering exercise to promote and push the development of electric cars and self-driving car technology.  I don’t see this replacing our current racing series at all.” said Jason.


To listen to Jason’s full interview with Adam Sinclair, click here.


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