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TX R4Entering Day 4, Championship Day of the Spring Battle, Jason was only 2 points shy of the top spot for the series Semi-Pro Championship. Jason was razer focused on the day and ready to get to work. Jason showed the Semi-Pros that he meant business by capturing his fourth pole of the 5-race series. He knew qualifying was very important to winning and all things appeared to go his way. During the feature Jason hit his marks getting around this "Martinsville-like" track and was able to put some distance between himself and the field behind him. By the half-way point in the race, Jason had a full straight-away lead on the field which immediately evaporated after a caution came out. Knowing the restart could make or break his chances of winning the race and the title, Jason got a perfect restart and immediately gained a car-length lead on the second place car. As the laps wound down, Jason was turning lap times as if he was qualifying while the rest of the field slowed a few tenths. Jason crossed the finish line winning the race with a dominating straight-away lead on the field.

“Wooohoooo, unbelievable! After DNF’ing the first race and to come back and grab 3 wins, a 3rd, 4 poles and the Championship ring is unbelievable” Jason said in a post-race interview. “We worked so hard this week, staying up late into the night working on the car, talking and discussing with Steven Ross and Jordan Black our performance and how we could have been better. It all paid off. I am thankful to everyone who supports me and how well we work together as a team.”