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Team #77 is a very competitive team made up of family members who regularly work together to accomplish our team goals. The members of our team include James Alder, Jason Alder, Rebecca Alder, Jessica Alder, Joshua Alder and Julia Alder. It's a family affair on race day with Team 77.


Marketing Director: Rebecca Alder

BeckyBecky Alder is co-owner of the legend car, a race fan since marrying James, and enjoys spending time with her family.  She is responsible for all marketing aspects of AB Motorsports including our T-shirts, website, hero cards, tri-folds, and many social media updates.  While not at the race track, she gets to exercise her artistic abilities as a sugar genius and makes amazing custom cakes for all occasions as the owner of Cakes by Becky.  


Statistician and Gearing: Jessica Alder


Jessica Alder has been interested in racing since the Alder family purchased their first go-kart. Jessica quickly realized that she had more of a talent working with the team than she did as a driver. She is a very bright young lady who is our team’s statistician. She keeps track of all the numbers associated with time and performance. She immediately tracks all of Jason’s lap times as well as engine performance numbers like RPM, speed, LonAcc and LatAcc for both tuning the car as well as assisting the driver to learn how to improve his laptimes. Jessica is a very valuable member of our team.

Tire Specialist: Joshua Alder


Joshua Alder knows tires. He is the team’s tire specialist and knows how to interpret tire wear. He claims that tires “talk to him”. Josh is a huge asset at the track each weekend. Josh is the man carrying the tire pressure gauge and is constantly making tire pressure adjustments as the conditions change. He matches new tires to create our “sets” based on the manufacturing differences with each tire. He changes the tires when we need new rubber to give us the grip advantage in the corners. Josh has had the privilege of hanging out with experienced drivers and crews who have learned the art of tires. He regularly applies this knowledge and is the crew chief’s tire consultant. Josh is very active in Boy Scouts and currently holds the rank of Eagle Scout. 

Key Grip: Julia Alder


Julia Alder is the youngest member of our team and loves being at the races. She has raced several times and enjoys the thrill of competition. At the track, she cheers for not only Jason, but other drivers with whom we have developed a friendship. She is not able to turn wrenches yet but she is always willing to help out however she can. She is the team’s Key Grip and often is asked to run errands and the little things that keep the weekend moving smoothly.

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